Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My list of Visual Studio 2012 tweaks

In no particular order, here's a list of things that I like to do to Visual Studio 2012.
Here's one that I still need to review, but certainly looks intriguing: EntityFramework Reverse POCO Generator

Entity Framework Power Tools are worth evaluating. I haven't spent very much time with them yet, but generating a diagram from a DbContext is useful.

LINQPad isn't an extension, but is indispensable if you work with LINQ. I want to also call your attention to this excellent post on calling SQL Server stored procedures from LINQPad. I never thought that I would ever need to manipulate the results of a stored procedure call in LINQPad until today, and fortunately BillKrat's article showed me the way.

Though not part of Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server Integration Tools is incredibly useful if you need to selectively migrate portions of a project, such as Work Items only. Using the tool requires at least an intermediate level of knowledge of TFS.

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